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Posted: 20 March 2012

Scotchbond Universal Adhesive - The next big thing?

3M ESPE's new Scotchbond Universal adhesive is a single bottle solution with a wide range of uses

Designed to transform the bonding procedure, 3M ESPE Scotchbond Universal Adhesive is described by the manufacturers as 'a revolutionary dental adhesive', with its development backed by 3M ESPE’s extensive history of adhesive innovation.  

Launched in January 2012, this single-bottle solution can be used on all surfaces, in total-etch, self-etch or selective-etch mode, for both direct and indirect restorations (data on file).

Dr Christoph Thalacker, lead developer of adhesives at 3M ESPE says, 'Scotchbond Universal Adhesive enables dentists to streamline their adhesive supply with one simple product that addresses their most important needs.'


Direct placement indications

• Bonding light cured composite or compomer for all classes of direct restorations
• Root surface desensitisation
• Sealing of dentine prior to amalgam restorations
• Protective varnish for glass ionomers
• Repair of composite or compomer restorations
• Bonding sealants.

Indirect placement indications

• Adhesive/primer for chemical adhesion when bonding zirconia, alumina, metal or glass ceramic restorations
• Intraoral repair of existing indirect restorations
• Bonding of self- or dual-cure core build-up materials and resin cements (with Scotchbond DCA dual cure activator)
• Sealing of dentine prior to temporisation for direct restoration placement.

Unique formula

The versatility of Scotchbond Universal Adhesive is a result of its unique chemistry based on existing adhesive technologies. A 3M ESPE Vitrebond Copolymer provides consistent bond performance to dentine under dry or moist conditions. MDP monomers optimise self-etch performance, facilitate chemical bonding to zirconia, alumina and metals without a separate primer and also provide a shelf stability of up to two years without requiring refrigeration. The incorporation of Silane into the formula also allows for adhesion to glass-ceramic surfaces without the need for a separate primer.

Scotchbond Universal Adhesive contains an ethanol/water-based solvent system. In contrast to acetone, ethanol is less volatile and helps maintain consistent viscosity and handling while the product is in use.  


Ease of use

To use the product‚ dentists simply apply the adhesive to the tooth and scrub for 20 seconds‚ air dry the area for five seconds‚ and light cure for 10 seconds. Alternately‚ an optional etch with phosphoric acid can be performed for 15 seconds prior to application of the adhesive. This simple application process helps Scotchbond Universal adhesive perform reliably‚ regardless of user technique. The product is moisture tolerant‚ exhibiting high bond performance on both moist and dry substrates. Additionally‚ the adhesive bonds to all surfaces without primer‚ further simplifying its use.

Scotchbond Universal Adhesive is packaged in both a vial for multiple dosing and the 3M ESPE L-Pop Delivery Device for unit dose dispensing. The vial incorporates a new 'flip-top' cap design, which allows the user to open and dispense with one hand.


Combined total-etch and self-etch bonding capability
Consistent bond strength to moist and dry dentine
Virtually no postoperative sensitivity
High bond strength to indirect surfaces (metals, zirconia, alumina and glass ceramics) without a separate primer
Excellent marginal integrity
One-step, one-coat adhesive application
Self and dual cure compatible to Scotchbond DCA dual cure activator
No refrigeration needed; store at room temperature for two years
Flip-top vial and unit dose delivery
Easy to place etchant


For customer care services or to place an order please contact 3M ESPE on 0845 602 5094, or visit for further information

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